Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Word On The Street

Yes, the hikes this year have been cancelled, but here are a few quotes from previous guests and those who would have been guests.  Just to remind us what we're missing.

-"I thought the hike last year was absolutely amazing."
-"I've been to all the major theme park haunted houses, and I can definitely say that the Monrovia Canyon one is better than all of them."
-"I would have drove down from Morro Bay for this very cool hike."
-"We drove from Rancho Cucamonga a couple years ago, it was the best time ever."
-"Beats Knott's, beats Universal."

There are no guarantees, but the best chance for these hikes to return is if the city understands the demand and just how much people enjoyed the event.  Let Community Services know - and be nice about it - how you feel about the hikes.

A turnaround in the economy wouldn't hurt either.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Post Removed

Due to the number of changes in the city and in the park, this post has been removed - but backed up and available.  Time to let the dust settle.  Thanks for all the comments and everyone who expressed their desire for the hikes to continue.  You have made it clear that the interest is strong and still there.  Thank you and keep it up!