Sunday, October 26, 2008

Haunted Hike Photos

The Hearse.  Wrecked on the side of the road. The horse got away and the coffin fell out of the back.

A swarm of flying skeletons to swoop down over your head.

The Zombies.  Careful, they may jump out at you!

These are just a part of one section.  There was so much more to experience.  If you weren't there, see what you missed!

I wish I could have gotten photos from other areas but setting up for the night isn't finished until right before the hikes start.  It just didn't leave enough time to get around to all the areas.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sold Out

I'm a little late with this but I still wanted to post it.

The hike is sold out and as the helpful people answering the phones at Community Services and the park can attest, there is still a huge demand for more.

Thanks to everyone who was able to get tickets and also to all those that tried to get tickets. We work on this all year long. That's not an exaggeration. The whole time we're hoping that people will show up and, if they do, they'll have a great time.

The demand for tickets and the responses from guests so far this year has been so positive, I can't begin to express how appreciative we are for that. The more fun you have, the more energized we get.

Thanks again.

Fun Fact #2

The setting for the hikes up in the foothills of Monrovia is what really sets us apart from everyone else.  It also causes our biggest challenges.  You may not realize that, aside from the permanent buildings in the park (the interior maze, bathrooms), there is no electricity available for the majority of the Haunted Hike path. 

While you are walking up the road or coming back down the trail and enjoying all the lighting effects on the various scenes and locations along the way, think about this:  it was all done without access to a single electrical outlet. 


Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Showtime!

The undead are already making their way to the park.

Tonight is opening night.  First hike goes out at 6:30 pm.

A Huge Thank You to the park staff and all the volunteers who put in so many hours it makes a full time job look like a vacation.

An especially HUGE Thank You to all those that bought tickets to this event.  You are why we're here.  None of this would happen without your support.

Remember, when you're out on the hike tonight, have FUN, and don't be afraid to SCREEEAAAMMM!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost Sold Out

As of about noon today, there were only about 60 tickets left.  The hike will sell out again this year and it looks like it is going to happen soon.

Tips To Have More Fun

1) Carpool, Carpool, Carpool.  The photo above is the parking lot for the hike.  From here you'll board a shuttle bus to be taken to the check in area and start of the hike.  As you can see, there is limited parking.  Carpool, reduce the number of cars, and have a much smoother start and end to your evening.

2) Stick to your given arrival time as closely as possible.  Again, due to the limited parking, this helps everything run smoother.

3) Resist the urge to shine a flashlight on everything.   We understand if you want some light to see the trail, just keep the light on the trail.  You may be given specific rules regarding flashlight use.  Shining the light on actors, props and scenes just ruins the effect for everyone else. 

4) Resist the urge to take flash pictures.  Also very distracting.  By the time everyone's eyes readjust to the dark, you'll miss half the hike.

5) Keep your group close together.  The hike is designed for the group size.  There's no way to get lost, but if you get too spread out, the scares are less effective.

Only 3 Days Left To Buy Tickets

The deadline to buy tickets for the Haunted Hike is this Wednesday the 22nd at Community Services.  Their hours are 8 am to 9 pm these remaining 3 days.  See the right sidebar for address and phone number.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Fact #1

Last year, volunteers put in close to 1,300 hours to make the Haunted Hike happen.  That includes not only working the nights of the hikes but also the planning, designing and building of props and scenes. 

Planning for the following year starts as soon as the current hikes are over...if not sooner.

Due to the dedication and creativity of the volunteers, the Haunted Hike is able to compete with the more well known events at a fraction of the cost.

Thank you to all the past and present Monrovia Canyon Park Haunted Hike volunteers!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1/2 The Tickets Sold, Don't Miss Out!

Half the tickets for this years Haunted Hikes are sold already.  Remember, the tickets are for specific hike times.  Don't wait till the last minute or the hikes you want may be sold out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Deal So Good, It's Scary

Let's take a quick look at the options this year:

-Universal Horror Nights:

Starting at $54.00 plus parking plus gas plus driving time.

-Knott's Scary Farm Haunt:

Starting at $35.99 plus $15.00 parking plus gas plus driving time.

-Monrovia Canyon Park Haunted Hike:

Starting at only $10.00, parking is included and it is a local event.

The choice is easy.  Get your tickets now, they're going fast.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clips From The 2007 Haunted Hike

I know that a lot of people who have never been to one of the Haunted Hikes may be wondering what it's really all about.

I can write about it, I can post still photo's from it, but the best way would be to let you actually see a video from a past hike. So that's what this post is all about.

The following video includes bits and pieces from the 2007 Haunted Hike. Enough to give you a sense of what to expect without giving too much away. Remember, the actual hike covers a half mile and takes 45 minutes or more to complete.

Sorry about the amateurish video editing:

The important thing to take away from all this is the quote from the young lady at the end of the video:

"Beats Knott's, beats Universal."