Monday, October 20, 2008

Tips To Have More Fun

1) Carpool, Carpool, Carpool.  The photo above is the parking lot for the hike.  From here you'll board a shuttle bus to be taken to the check in area and start of the hike.  As you can see, there is limited parking.  Carpool, reduce the number of cars, and have a much smoother start and end to your evening.

2) Stick to your given arrival time as closely as possible.  Again, due to the limited parking, this helps everything run smoother.

3) Resist the urge to shine a flashlight on everything.   We understand if you want some light to see the trail, just keep the light on the trail.  You may be given specific rules regarding flashlight use.  Shining the light on actors, props and scenes just ruins the effect for everyone else. 

4) Resist the urge to take flash pictures.  Also very distracting.  By the time everyone's eyes readjust to the dark, you'll miss half the hike.

5) Keep your group close together.  The hike is designed for the group size.  There's no way to get lost, but if you get too spread out, the scares are less effective.

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