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2008 Monrovia Canyon Park Haunted Hike FAQ

Let's start things off with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that we get about the event.  You'll also find some info on new things this year, especially the Haunt Line at 626-256-8246:


Mountain Mayhem Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is this the same event as last year?
A. Yes, same theme, but with several changes and additions this year.

Q2. Is it scary?
A. Mountain Mayhem is where your worst nightmares become real. As you enter the adventure, you enter a dark environment full of suspense and HORROR. The only thing on your mind will be your survival.

Q3. But is it really scary?
A. This event is rated PG 13. Experience has led us to believe that this event is just too scary for the little ones. We provide what we feel is the scariest Haunted Hike in California.

Q4. Will any cast members touch me?
A. All staff has been instructed not to touch anyone for your safety as well as theirs. We expect our patrons to do the same. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress and doesn't always go according to plan! Responses and reactions from people vary and sometimes contact may be made. You may be grabbed by one of the members of your own group who is too terrified to continue without your help.

Q5. Is there a 'Good Fairy' to accompany the scaredy cats?
A. Nope. Once you approach the point of no return, you will have an opportunity to make a choice either to continue or be escorted back to the entrance and miss all the attractions.

Q6. Where do I turn in my tickets and release of liability form?
A. You will need to turn in all tickets and forms at the registration table. The registration table will be located adjacent to the middle parking lot where the restrooms are located.

Q7. Where do I park?
A. Starting from the entrance gate, our parking attendants will direct you to the designated parking area. You will then board a shuttle bus which will take you to the middle parking lot where you will need to register.

Q8. Are there discounts available?
A. No. No profit is generated for this event. All revenue pays for all expenditures associated with this event and to support Canyon Park Nature Center needs.

Q9. What if I lose my ticket?
A. Unfortunately lose your ticket, lose your admission! No one will be admitted without a ticket.

Q10. How about if the waiver is not completed and or signed?
A. Unfortunately it is required for admittance to the event. If it is not complete with signatures you will not be allowed to participate.

Q11. Are you handicapped accessible?
A. Please keep in mind that the trail is uneven and rocky in many areas and thereby making it unsafe for a wheelchair. However, all other attractions with the exception of “Trail of no Return” is accessible.

Q12. How long is the Hike?
A. The Haunted Hike is about ½ mile long and will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Q13. Is it as good as last year?
A. Yes! Believe it or not, we love to scare you. It's fun for us so we spend virtually all year designing and building new settings and effects for your pleasure. If you liked us last year, you'll love us this year!

Q14. What’s the absolute maximum group size per hike?
A. 25 is the limit for each hike. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q15. Can I bring my cell phone?
A. Sure, but be aware that we will NOT stop to look for lost cell phones or pagers (or most anything else). If we happen to find them, they will be available at the nature center and available for pick up during normal business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm the next day.

Q16. Is photography allowed?
A. Sorry, but no. There are many reasons for this including that a flash or strobe will temporarily blind our actors, it disrupts the other guest's experience, pausing to take pictures slows down the line behind you and infrared will probably show you areas we don't particularly want you to see!

Q17. If I'm too scared can I get a refund?
A. We have a no refund policy. You have paid for us to scare you. If you are so scared that you have to leave the haunt early and not go on then we have done our job. If we have done our job then their is no reason for a refund.

Q18. Can I wear a costume?
A. No. Trust us, this is for the public’s safety. It is too easy for a customer, in a mask, to do something inappropriate and then you, or us, have no way to identify them.

Q19. What time should I arrive?
A. You should give yourself enough time to park your vehicle, be shuttled to the registration table and register. We strongly recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your hike time. We will not wait for late arrivals.

Q20. How about if it rains?
A. We will cancel if rain does occur. However, fog or light drizzle are NOT grounds for cancellation unless it makes it unsafe for our guests. You can contact the Haunt Line for updates 626-256-8246.

Q21. Can I pay with a credit card?
A. Absolutely! For your convenience we have provided this service to you.

Q22. Can I exchange tickets for other hike times?
A. Yes. We can accommodate you as long as tickets are available. Be aware that we have sold out every year and ticket availability is scarce.

Q23. Can I bring a flashlight?
A. We do not restrict the use of flashlights but do discourage them. Realize that bright lights can take away from the excitement and feel from the environment thereby affecting the outcome of a true scare. Also, the lights will affect others in your group which can lead to a disappointing experience for them. We ask that you be considerate to others.

Q24. Can I buy tickets over the phone?
A. No. We actually need you to come in and pick up the tickets. However, tickets are available on the city website.

Q25. What kind of shoes should I bring?
A. Please be aware that you will be walking on uneven terrain. We suggest wearing comfortable hiking or athletic shoes. Avoid shoes with heals!

Q26. Will you be selling souvenirs?
A. We will be selling T-Shirts and Glow Lights. Water will also be available for your convenience. If you have a question that was not answered here, contact the Haunt Phone Line 626-256-8246.

Q27. If a participant is very disruptive, what will you do?
A. Any participant or group who brings a negative impact, or causes or poses the potential to cause harm to anyone shall be escorted to a designated area and will be dealt with accordingly by the Monrovia Police Department. We have the right to refuse service!

Q28. How can I get more information?
A. If you have a question that was not answered here, contact the Haunt Phone Line 626-256-8246.

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