Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tips For Enjoying The Monrovia Canyon Park Haunted Hikes

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of the Haunted Hikes:

1) Don't be late to the pickup spot at Library Park.  The hikes are every 15 minutes and the buses are on a tight schedule to get everyone to the park and back.  The buses will leave and the hikes will go on - with or without you.

2) No flash photography.  You know, just like Disneyland.  Not because we're trying to stop photos from being taken, but because the bright flash will ruin the experience for everyone.  A photo with flash won't look good and will temporarily blind everyone around you.  Not fun when everything grinds to a halt waiting for our vision to return.  I don't have the official word on this but I would think that as long as you don't cause delays on the hike, handheld non-flash photography shouldn't be a problem.  Common sense here, don't be disruptive.

3) No touching the actors / workers / props on the hikes.  Seriously, the people working are mainly volunteers just trying to provide a fun evening for our guests.  Choosing this time to try and establish yourself as a dumbass will not be appreciated.  The hike will stop and you will be escorted to a police officer.  Oh, and no refunds.

4) Try to use the restroom before your hike starts.  No details needed on this one.

5) Stay together with your group.  The hikes will have both a hike leader and a hike sweep at the back to help with this.  You won't get lost (probably) but the way the hike is set up will be much more effective if the group doesn't get too spread out.

6) Go ahead and scream and laugh and keep a tight grip on your friends / loved ones.  That's what it's all about.  Screams carry very well in the canyon and that makes it a lot more fun.  You make the group that hasn't started yet very nervous.

Have fun and hope to scare you there!

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