Friday, October 25, 2013

Night One A Huge Success!

"Better Than Knott's"*  That's seems to be the quote and consensus of the night.

Lots of screams, Great groups of enthusiastic guests. Fantastic job by the actors and everyone working the hikes at Canyon Park, Library Park and driving the buses.  It all adds up to a very successful evening of scary fun!  Thank you!!!

Sorry, Knott's.  For three nights, you'll just have to settle for being number two.

*To be completely accurate, we also heard:  "Better than Queen Mary" (Dark Harbor) and "better than Universal".


Anonymous said...

Very true!!!!! My boyfriend and I went on the haunted hike Friday the 25th and it was awesome! It was so freaking scary they did a fantastic job I screamed my head off the whole time! And so did my boyfriend and other guys there! We had so much fun time flew and I will go back next year if it is that I don't go again this year again. It is true this is really one of the best ever!!!

Haunted Hiker said...

Thank you! That is exactly what we like to hear. This is a unique event that we're pretty proud of so it means a lot that you took the time to say those nice things. Hope to see you back next year!